Robertson was appointed in early 2022 as the delivery partner for Scotland for this framework, now in its second generation.  

We are delighted to continue to work directly with existing and new public sector customers across Scotland to deliver high-quality construction contracts, after successfully delivering projects in partnership with the first Major Projects framework when it was initially launched in 2018. 

Working in partnership, we can help you whether you’re just trying to get a project off the ground, or simply looking to reduce the time, cost, and hassle of finding high-quality suppliers. All our solutions are fully compliant with both current and published upcoming UK regulations.



Flexible to your needs

Major Projects Framework 2 (MPF2) is designed to be flexible to meet your specific needs. The framework covers RIBA Stage 1 to 7, and you can engage with the framework at any point between project inception (RIBA Stage 1) through to the end of pre-construction (RIBA Stage 4). If you have ideas and designs that you have already invested in, we can help you bring these to fruition.

The Major Projects process map visually represents how to use the framework, in a step-by-step guide that is aligned to the RIBA Plan of Work. This ensures that the project brief and customer success criteria are established, developed, and delivered during pre-construction and construction.

Ensuring the feasibility of your project

On every major Projects Framework 2 project, we will complete a bespoke feasibility report to include a concept design, market informed cost plan, detailed pre-construction and operations stage programmes, risk register, social value plan and confirmation of your proposed project team with their relevant experience.

The feasibility report is tailored to your specific project requirements and is provided free of charge on a no-obligation basis. This confirms your design, cost and programme data before progressing the project into the pre-construction stage.

Ensuring the affordability of your project

To give our customers the best service, our common focus from the outset will be on finding solutions that meet your budget. We are consistently collaborative and proactive with our customers, design consultants and supply chain, to improve efficiency, and reduce the time and cost commonly expended in repeated competitive tendering.

We continually benchmark labour, materials and costs. We couple this knowledge of the market with creative thinking at the outset of a project. We will challenge the status quo, to make sure we do the right thing for our customer and save you money.

Value for money (VFM) is embedded in our processes. It starts at the very beginning of each project by recognising that each customer’s VFM factors will be different and by establishing their success criteria at the outset.

Market tested costs save you time

Our detailed market testing ensures our costs are correct from the start. You won’t waste time on developing proposals that are aborted because the cost is not viable. All costs are demonstrated in an open book format to the client and their advisors.

Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart

Framework Manager, Robertson

With a mix of design and business development experience, Kevin is ideally placed to find innovative solutions to customer challenges.

Louise Dodds

Louise Dodds

Client Relationship Manager, Procurement Hub

Louise is experienced in providing procurement and contract management support with the right mix of skills to support both clients and suppliers.

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