The benefits of timber frame construction and offsite manufacturing

Why we choose timber frames and you should too

Constructing a high-quality building using structural timber is fast, safe and sustainable.

We live in an uncertain world, but our timber frames bring increased certainty and efficiency to every construction project. 

Find out how the benefits of our timber frame buildings and offsite solutions can help your next project.

Reduce your carbon use and increase your sustainability credentials

It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a climate emergency and it’s more important than ever before that our construction projects do not damage the environment.

But what if your organisation could demonstrate its commitment to protecting the environment?

Timber frames can do just that.

Our offsite construction reduces the amount of embodied carbon emitted during the building process due to the greatly more efficient approach, and our timber frames decrease the levels of operational carbon. 

We have expertise in using timber frames to build many net zero, passivhaus, and highly BREEAM rated construction projects, helping our customers to meet their emissions targets, whilst also assuring a sustainable future.

Delivering more in less time

With world class digitised cutting edge technology in our highly automated timber factory, we create frames that are precise and perfect for our customers.

By using our offsite modern methods of construction, building within our regulated factories, we can control the environment and guarantee timescales for our customers. This security means that weather conditions and construction site space does not affect our ability to deliver, allowing us to build more in less time.

Creating cost certainty for your project

Time is money, and this is especially true in construction projects. 

Our offsite construction of timber frames means that delays and time slippage is less likely because we build our frames within the controlled environments of our factory.

We accurately advise the construction time of our frames, meaning that our customers can be confident that we will deliver what they need, when they need it, saving time and money.

Addressing construction skills shortages

Skills shortages remain an issue across many sectors, trades and businesses, and the construction industry is particularly affected by this national challenge. 

Our strongly staffed and highly automated factory reduces the headcount required on construction sites, helping to address this challenge, creating certainty of delivery, and reducing the likelihood of delays.

Find out about timber projects

We have expertise in using timber frames for every type of construction project. Find out if timber is the right fit for you and your project by speaking with our team.

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