Financial stability

Secure and sustainable for the long term

Our prudent approach to business and cash management has served us well throughout the decades. Our strong, debt-free financial position has enabled us to deliver our projects, and on our promises, regardless of the wider economic environment.

This stability and security assures our people of the opportunity to progress in outstanding careers; and gives our customers the certainty that we will deliver what we say we will.

Our financial sustainability enables us to invest for the future – in our business, our people and in the communities where we work, both locally and nationally.

The Group continues to deliver improvement in line with our long-term strategy. We are pleased with a strong set of results in a challenging market, delivering quality of earnings, which builds on the progress made last year and reflects the diversity of our offering and strength in the marketplace.
Elliot Robertson
Chief Executive Officer, Robertson Group

In the year 2021-2022, we operated across 200 construction sites and developments, and 5,852 facilities management locations throughout Scotland and the north of England.

£616m turnover

in 12 months to 30 June 2022


Profit Before Tax 2021-2022

Robertson Group 2022 results

A year of positive progress and trading with a solid balance sheet and capital base.

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