Supply Chain Excellence

Find out the minimum standards and requirements required to join our supply chain

Supply Chain Excellence provides a structure of support and integration across all areas of our supply chain to maximise our ability to support business activities and outcomes by developing collaborative partnerships which drive sustainable outcomes and add value across everything we do. 

Supply Chain Hierarchy

Our Supply Chain Hierarchy identifies the various stages of maturity and business importance we operate across our family of businesses.

There are five levels to our Supply Chain Hierarchy, which illustrate the strategic value and level of partnership each business has with our senior leadership.

The five levels are: Strategic Partner, Regional Partner, Preferred, Approved, and Registered.

Find out more about what each level represents further down this page.

An infographic that shows the five stages of working with our supply chain. From lowest step to highest, they read: registered, approved, preferred, regional partner, and strategic partner.
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Strategic Partner

Established critical supply chain member that works across multiple businesses and is fundamental to the success of Robertson with aligned goals, objectives, and relationships at a Group Board / Group Senior Management Team level.

Regional Partner

A critical supply chain member working within a specific regional business and is fundamental to its success through aligned goals, and objectives, and has key relationships with the Regional Senior Management Team.


A supply chain member who plays a key part in the delivery of the regional business plans. Engaged with and supports project winning, delivery and business wide objectives.


A supply chain member who meets financial, health and safety, training, environmental, quality and performance criteria.


Potential supply chain members who have registered an interest in developing a relationship with Robertson.

Supply Chain Business Requirements

Our local business requirements underpin the importance of having healthy and open relationships with our supply chain members where we can jointly:

  • Deliver for our customers and communities, sharing skills and knowledge that drive innovation, performance, and growth.  
  • Champion our supply chain to engage in responsible sourcing activities, driving sustainable initiatives, supporting local engagement, reducing carbon emissions and waste generation. 
  • We will work to continue to drive our climate positive environmental impact and support delivery of our Responsible Business targets. 
  • Embrace supply chain best practice and generate additional value through business activity, supporting standardisation of design to drive efficiency through common construction details, value engineering, innovation, off-site manufacture, and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

    These requirements are supported by our five Strategic Procurement Programmes.

Our Strategic Procurement Programmes


Our EDEN program sets the foundation of how we engage, develop, enhance and nurture our supply chain, focusing on core procurement activities, driving minimum standards, process, and benefits. These maximise the value delivered to support our journey towards procurement excellence across our full supply chain. 

As One

Our “As One” programme underpins our drive to increase operational standards across our sites. Aligning our approach to develop key strategic supply chain partnerships, our As One programme ensures we create a collaborative environment to drive business improvement and supply chain certainty with business-critical local and national partners. 

Supply Chain Social Value

Engaging our supply chain to support the positive contribution that we make in the delivery of positive social impact across the communities where we work is becoming increasingly important. Our Supply Chain Social Value programme is focused on developing relationships which increase social capital.

Sustainable Procurement

Global climate concerns and increased customer demands across our projects support the importance of developing supply chain awareness of environmental requirements and impact. 

In partnership with our supply chain, we look to champion the delivery of sustainable enhancement across all our activities. 


Supply chain accreditation and performance monitoring is a fundamental driver at Robertson, and our ePerform platform ensures compliance and improved supply chain standards across the business.

Our standards

All members of our supply chain are required to commit to working in collaboration with our family of businesses.  This obligation supports both project delivery and wider community engagement. All supply chain partners must comply with the following: 

  • The Robertson Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) & annual updates.
  • Operate under the guiding principles set out within the Robertson Code of Conduct.
  • Fully accept Robertson SHE Minimum Standards ensuring compliance with all aspects identified.
  • Become an active member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School working towards bronze level accreditation.
  • Support our drive to net zero through adoption of our responsible sourcing requirements.
  • Fully support our project requirements to maximise social value return for the communities we work in. 

Are you seeing things our way?

Find out how to join our supply chain.

If your company can meet our standards and has a desire to support Robertson on delivering our long-term goals, then please complete the application which will be reviewed by our Supply Chain Team.   

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