Sector: Education Completion date: August 2031

We are the main subcontractor for Aura, the Newcastle LEP (Local Education Partnership), and are helping with the regeneration of an area that has been in need of assistance. 

Our services

As the main subcontractor for Newcastle Schools BSF, we provide a range of hard and soft FM services including:

Along with the maintenance, we make sure to create clear and tangible community benefits by sponsoring several local events, encouraging school children to get involved and rewarding them for taking part.

Partnering and collaboration was at the heart of this project which involved the creation of a Local Education Partnership.  Prior to services commencement the project kick started in earnest at an ‘away day’ with all the project parties attending a workshop environment to share visioning and values and sign up to a partnership charter with the client which in essence spelled out how we would resolve differences and move forward creatively in a partnership orientated environment. This was ultimately successful, and the project has enjoyed an ongoing relationship for the past twelve years resulting in education and community transformation.

Reducing energy consumption

Full energy management systems provide green energy to the schools with 6 of the 7 Phase1 schools having Biomass boilers and when Newcastle BSF Phase 2 was closed in December 2009 with the addition of another four schools an innovative solution was found by combining two of the schools on one site with the facilities being run from a shared energy centre, this ensured improvements in the energy solution with both CHP and Biomass being integrated on the site.

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    “A year of positive progress and trading with a solid balance sheet and capital base.”