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15 January 2021

Robertson - Where People Make the Difference

Robertson - Where People Make the Difference

Claire Burkill, a planner for Robertson, is currently featuring on the hoardings in two city centre’s where Robertson Yorkshire & East Midlands is delivering student residence buildings

Claire has been part of Team Robertson for 2 years and is proud to represent not only the business but women in the industry.

Robertson puts people at the heart of everything it does and is committed to careers for all, Claire's experiences with the company mirror this. Enjoying a work-life balance due to the flexibility Robertson is able to provide, allows Claire to factor in her one-hour commute along with her family's needs, whilst progressing in her career.

Claire started working in construction 16 years ago after studying an HNC in Building Studies at college. She graduated from Sheffield Hallam university in 2009 with a first-class honors degree in Construction Management (BSC), and is registered with the Chartered Institute of Building.

Claire appreciates the diversity of Robertson where she has felt empowered due to several women being in senior positions. As an inclusive employer, Robertson develops and supports women in the construction industry every day, ensuring that there are equal opportunities for all to develop their chosen career paths within the sector.

Featuring on the hoarding at Straits Village in Nottingham for Development Managers Limited and Hillside House in Sheffield for KR Developments, Robertson wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate Claire's success in the industry and to act as a reminder that there are no barriers to what you can achieve if you are determined and motivated to succeed.

Straits Village in Nottingham

Hillside House in Sheffield