Shay Grange Crematorium construction by Robertson Yorkshire & East Midlands

Shay Grange Crematorium, Heaton


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Community facilities
Heaton, Bradford
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
August 2023
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A new state-of-the-art facility for all gatherings’ sizes and religions, serving the community in North Bradford

Shay Grange Crematorium: a modern, sustainable bereavement facility

The scheme was designed to meet 21st Century expectations of the bereaved, by providing a high-quality facility, with reflective spaces for memorials, as well as reducing the service’s carbon footprint through new abatement technology. The development provides much needed extra capacity with appropriate car parking provision and landscaped grounds.

The project provides a large, single chapel crematorium building with associated waiting, ancillary and covered gathering spaces. The state-of-the-art crematory building houses two brand-new gas-fired cremators and staff accommodation as well as the CBMDC Bereavement Services team.

The installation of a new entrance and junction, complete with permanent parking facilities for up to 199 cars, along with overflow capacity for up to 300 cars was provided. Landscaping carefully integrates formal spaces that harmonise with the structured crematorium environment and the broader surroundings. Notable features include a memorial garden, a garden of remembrance, a floral tribute garden, and a serene water feature.

Achieving viability: cost-effective strategies for Shay Grange crematorium

Our team explored and implemented cost-effective alternatives/value engineering to ensure the project remained viable during the tender process.  We collaborated with project stakeholders to consider different materials, design, and methodology whilst securing competitive subcontractor rates to ensure the project remained viable. Despite design changes and market challenges during the construction period, Shay Grange Crematorium stands as a testament to successful budget management and quality construction.

Capable of providing services for all religions and sizes including large funerals with up to 300 mourners, we have provided a facility that is not only flexible, but a contemporary facility that responds to ever changing needs, creating a unique experience individual to each service - accessible to all. 

Environmentally friendly cremator installation

As part of the project, environmentally friendly cremators equipped with mercury abatement technology were supplied through the Council-appointed suppliers, Facultative Technologies. By engaging with Facultative Technologies early and consistently, the program was aligned to allow the installation of these cremators to occur simultaneously with other construction activities on the site.

A new entrance and junction was installed with permanent parking facilities for up to 199 cars and an overflow capacity to allow for 300 cars. New landscaping creates formal spaces that complement the structured crematorium environment and wider formalised (golf course) setting and include a memorial garden, garden of remembrance, floral tribute garden and water feature.   

Integrated low-carbon, energy-efficient systems

The building features highly efficient, low-emission natural gas-fired boilers for space heating and hot water, supported by well-insulated distribution systems. The mechanical ventilation systems incorporate heat recovery techniques, allowing us to reclaim energy from the exhaust air stream. Additionally, our high-quality facades effectively manage solar gains and minimize heat loss. Inside, low-energy LED lighting systems with automatic controls and daylight harvesting enhance energy efficiency. Furthermore, electronically controlled EC/DC fans and pumps, equipped with variable speed inverter control, significantly reduce overall power consumption. This comprehensive approach ensures both environmental responsibility and energy efficiency at Shay Grange Crematorium.

Exceeding social value targets: leaving a legacy in Bradford

Robertson exceeded social value targets by 250% in Bradford, delivering substantial community benefits. Our impact of £3.9m far surpassed the initial £1.5m target, achieved through meaningful partnerships with local employability, educational, and community stakeholders. 

The Shay Grange project in Bradford stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and community engagement. It addresses community concerns, supports educational institutions, and sets a high standard for future endeavours. The crematorium, surpassing CBMDC’s expectations, serves as a flagship example of social value delivery for the entire region. This legacy solidifies an ongoing partnership, with Robertson entrusted to deliver Bradford’s next crematorium in Bierley—a testament to our sustained commitment to excellence and collaboration. 

Robertson demonstrated a clear understanding of the community needs within Heaton and wider Bradford District. Community liaison was focussed and effective. The overall social impact of Robertson on Shay Grange Crematorium was fantastic and an excellent achievement!
Andy Ross
Project Manager, Bradford Council