The brightly coloured playroom at Milltimber Primary School.

Milltimber Primary School


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Aberdeen City Council
April 2022
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Constructing a new school for a growing community

Robertson is constructing a new primary school with integrated early years provision for the growing Milltimber community and Aberdeen City Council.

Aberdeen City Council's brief to architects Scott Brownrigg was for a new state-of-the-art school, a two-stream facility providing a modern, congenial, healthy, learning and working environment for the primary and pre-school community.

New school in a new location for a growing community

Situated six miles to the south west of Aberdeen, the new purpose-built Milltimber Primary School will ensure that pupils living in the growing catchment area can continue to attend their local primary school with other children from their community. 

The current primary school is operating at almost full capacity with a school role of 253 pupils, with this forecast to rise to 342 by 2023. 

In addition, to meet the new targets for early years places, it is estimated that 60 full-time places will need to be provided for the community, an increase of 20 on their current capacity.

The new two-stream facility will provide capacity for 434 pupils, deliver high quality Early Learning and Childcare services, offer wide and flexible learning opportunites, and allow pupils and staff to benefit from new, modern and efficient teaching facilities.

Robertson is delighted to be working with Aberdeen Council on this project and partners having delivered many awards winning school projects in Perthshire, Dundee and Angus and currently working on eight early years projects across the city.


square foot site




learning plazas

Modern and healthy learning environment

The new site will provide enhanced outdoor play spaces and PE facilities to promote health, fitness and wellbeing, as well as better opportunities for outdoor curricular learning and social interaction, leading to improved mental health.

The new outdoor learning space will allow children to learn about food production and planting their own crops and a selection of fruit trees will form a small orchard. 

This is designed bring keys areas of the Curriculum for Excellence to life across many topics including healthy eating, food and environmental awareness.

Supporting children

The increased facilities within the building will also enable the school to make use of a variety of spaces and approaches to support children who require a greater level of personalisation to meet their additional support needs.