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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
October 2023
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Reinforcing RAAC panels and refurbishing Airedale Hospital

Delivering RAAC Reinforcement and Ward Refurbishment in a Live Working Hospital.

Robertson has partnered with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust to reinforce RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) panels and refurbish wards through phased, decanted delivery.

Airedale General Hospital is undergoing phased refurbishment works to improve patient services and assure a safe environment for both patients and staff, comprising of car park improvements, refurbishments to wards and clinic areas, and structural reinforcement.

The structural works will see the strengthening and maintenance of RAAC panels.

The overall customer experience is so far positive. The approach to health and safety is to a high standard. The overall experience of working with the project team has been very positive; they are very good. There are not really many organisations that can provide the standard and amount of work that Robertson are completing. It is very likely that AGH Solutions would recommend Robertson.
Richard Burgin
Estates Projects (RAAC) Manager

The works, which are being carried out in a live hospital environment, commenced in January 2022. Wards receiving refurbishment and remedial works have been decanted to allow completion and handover of each ward, being completed two wards at a time across the ground and first floor to minimise noise and vibration disruption to neighbouring wards that remain operational.

With adjacent wards remaining live and operation, close coordination with the Trust was essential to ensure continuity of service at the hospital. This included liaison with hospital staff to schedule more disruptive works around important procedures and having set working hours for these works to not impact the rest and recovery for patients.

Access points to the live hospital were sealed to prevent transfer of dust into live wards and Robertson staff and subcontractors were not permitted into these areas without prior permission. This also contributed to crucial infection control procedures.

In addition, to make use of funding available for the financial year, we completed the installation of a demountable car park deck and are installing a new bed lift at the Dales Suite to provide additional capacity in preparation for future refurbishment decants.

In Wards 16 (Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit) and 8 (Endoscopy), 463 RAAC panels for each ward have been reinforced, along with refurbishment and M&E upgrading works, ensuring the retaining of live services in all adjacent wards.

Due to a successful working relationship and positive client feedback, we have been instructed to continue the refurbishment works, starting on Wards 5 and 13 in autumn 2023. Furthermore, we are in discussions for Ward 15 and Triage Suite in the Accident and Emergency Centre.

To protect the remainder of the hospital while reinforcement works continue across the site, we will be installing secondary propping across the estate to provide temporary support in over 30 zones, safeguarding staff and patients until refurbishment works or the new build hospital is completed.

In addition, we were approached to negotiate works on the Minor Injuries Unit in the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) due to our strong relationship with hospital and trust that we have gained over the past year.