Airedale Hospital where Robertson reinforced RAAC panels

Airedale General Hospital, Keighley


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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust
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Reinforcing RAAC panels and refurbishing Airedale Hospital

Robertson is working with Airedale NHS Foundation Trust to reinforce RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) panels and refurbish wards through phased, decanted delivery across Airedale General Hospital.

Airedale is one of seven hospitals across the UK to be significantly affected by RAAC, however it is unique because it has the largest extent of RAAC in the walls, floors and ceilings across the NHS, with more than 50,000 RAAC panels (83% of the estate) and over 5,000 load bearing RAAC panels showing one or more defects.

The ongoing works within the live hospital environment began in January 2022 and are scheduled to continue until all areas have been strengthened or refurbished by 2028. To facilitate this process, wards undergoing refurbishment and remedial work are gradually decanted, allowing for the completion and handover of each ward. This phased approach involves completing two wards at a time across the ground and first floors, with the aim of minimising noise and vibration disruptions to neighbouring wards that remain operational throughout our works.

To ensure the safety of the remaining hospital areas during ongoing reinforcement works, we are implementing secondary propping throughout the estate. This measure offers temporary support in more than 30 zones, effectively safeguarding both staff and patients until the reinforcement and refurbishment works are complete.

Maintaining continuity of service at the hospital, close coordination with the Trust is crucial and constant.  We liaise with hospital staff to schedule disruptive works around important procedures and establishing specific working hours to minimise any impact on patients’ rest and recovery.  In addition, access restrictions and careful management help to maintain infection control in the live hospital.

Leveraging our experience and relationships for additional opportunities

As our commitment to exceptional work at the Hospital persists, the Trust’s confidence in us has steadily grown. We are now regarded as a trustworthy and capable strategic partner, adept at delivering projects that align with their vision for enhanced patient care in Yorkshire.  An illustrative example of this is the additional car park we successfully delivered for the Trust.

To address the car parking capacity challenges faced by the Trust, the project team took a proactive approach. They identified a modular car parking system that was already in use in Guildford and nearing the end of its hire period. Through a customized contracting arrangement, this car park purchased and swiftly erected by Robertson within a two-week period. Over 100 additional parking spaces were provided to the Trust, effectively alleviating parking constraints at the hospital. This strategic move also liberated sections of land, paving the way for future development of the hospital’s facilities.

Delivering social value and leaving a lasting legacy

At Robertson, we take our social value commitments seriously. Our efforts are meticulously monitored, measured, and aligned with the Social Value Portal’s National TOMS (Themes, Outcomes, and Measures). To date we have made some remarkable impact:

  • Local Employment: Over 35 local individuals have found meaningful employment through our initiatives.
  • Education Outreach: We’ve dedicated more than 270 hours to school and college visits, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring future generations.
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities: On-site, we’ve facilitated over 600 apprenticeship weeks, nurturing skills and providing practical experience.
  • Training Support: A total of 127 training weeks (including BTEC, City & Guilds, NVQ, and HNC) have empowered individuals to excel in their careers.
  • Youth Empowerment: We’ve invested 172 hours in supporting young people as they transition into the workforce.
  • Meaningful Work Placements: For over 54 weeks, we’ve offered valuable work placements, shaping the next wave of professionals.
  • Community Volunteering: Our team has selflessly contributed over 200 hours to local community projects.
  • In-Kind Donations: We’ve given back through £16,210 worth of donations in kind, enriching our community.
The overall customer experience is so far positive. The approach to health and safety is to a high standard. The overall experience of working with the project team has been very positive; they are very good. There are not really many organisations that can provide the standard and amount of work that Robertson are completing. It is very likely that AGH Solutions would recommend Robertson
Richard Burgin
Estates Projects (RAAC) Manager
Having the same team and same people has been really good throughout the programme which has created a high performing team environment.
Chris Waine
Hive Projects