Providing certainty during preconstruction

At the design stage, Robertson works collaboratively and integrates with the project team to provide our expertise, drive design efficiency and reduce capital and revenue costs for our customers.

Collaborative design management means that we can continually review a design’s maturity against the RIBA stages of work. We take a long-term view, working to ensure the design will meet customer requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

When we have early engagement with our customer, and are integrated into the project team, we can create the most optimised, efficient and cost-effective project schedule, plans, and delivery timeline. 

Working with BIM allows 3D drawings from a range of consultants to be consolidated into a single model. Clash detection and confident decision making at an early stage minimise costly design changes once construction starts.

Our Assured Construction Delivery brochure shows more about how we use technology like build simulations, 3D modelling and laser scanning, to provide certainty for our customers.

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Optimising construction management

Using BIM 360 Field, we make construction drawings and documents available via mobile devices to our teams on site, increasing efficiency and productivity between our site managers and supply chain. Being able to access 3D models using a mobile tablet on site makes it much easier for our site managers and subcontractors to visualise the design. It also speeds up the process of assessing the quality of construction detail.  

BIM 360 Field also provides our customers with greater visibility of progress and helps support stronger communication and relationships.

Facilitating smooth project handover

Digital construction gives our customers access to everything they need to operate their building effectively after handover and into the future.

Whether a formal Soft Landings approach has been adopted or not, digital design facilitates the smooth handover of a project – making the transition from construction to occupation seamless. That may mean helping different user groups acclimatise to the layout of their new building before moving in, or passing all the building design data to maintenance engineers so they can keep mechanical or electrical building services running smoothly.

Assured Construction Delivery

Our experience and extensive knowledge of the built environment gives us the ability to solve even the most complex challenges and deliver certainty on each project. Read more on how we do it, our services and case studies.