We’ve developed our Responsible Business policy, and prioritised key issues within it, through understanding our material issues within the UN Sustainable Development Goals and by addressing how we can ensure the goals are met a local level. The Goals are a series of areas for action across all countries by 2030 and are described by the UN as the ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’.

We focus on three themes: Our People, Our Partners and Our Planet.

Our People

  • Ensuring Team Robertson are safe, healthy and happy
  • Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce who are treated with respect
  • Empowering our people by providing them with the best learning opportunities and resources

Our Partners

  • Engaging communities we work in, creating social value and enabling inclusive growth
  • Developing and supporting a responsible supply chain
  • Delivering quality projects, satisfying and supporting our customers

Our Planet

  • Minimising our carbon footprint, utilities consumption and environmental impact
  • Minimising our transport emissions and supporting active and sustainable travel options
  • Driving down our raw resource consumption and maximising reuse and recycling

Our 2030 strategy

Our 2030 targets

Moving forward, all business activity will align with our 2030 vision and ultimately assist the achievement of three key targets, one dedicated to each of our Responsible Business policy themes:

Our People

Our Partners

Our Planet

Our 2030 strategy: one-year progress update



Accreditation, memberships and commitments

As well as our customers and our supply chain, we also work alongside a range of membership, accreditation and industry bodies to help us to remain at the forefront of new and innovative responsible business practices and to benchmark ourselves against others.

Robertson sustainability


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Responsible Business Report

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