Passivhaus construction

Passivhaus - Delivering low energy designs with an absolute focus on quality

Robertson is one of the leading Passivhaus contractors in Scotland with several schools under construction or in pre-construction. We are members of the Passivhaus Trust, with extensive experience in successful design and delivery across a range of projects.

We focus on designing, planning and building for quality, to deliver completed projects that meet the certification criteria as well as their low energy targets once they are in use.

14 Passivhaus projects

 in progress 2023


project value

75% lower energy 

in use vs traditional methods

Working as one team to ensure quality

On every Passivhaus project, we promote a shared ethos across the design and delivery team. Taking responsibility for the project’s goals and targets, as a group, ensures the right quality is designed in to start with. During construction and installation, we ensure the right skills and approach throughout the supply chain, so that quality becomes a focal point for the whole team.

Independent checks, at various stages, make sure that specific performance requirements are met. 

Our construction teams are backed by our central digital construction team, with the expertise needed to achieve certification, meet our clients’ energy targets and help them to meet ongoing net zero goals.

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is a German methodology developed in 1990 to deliver low energy buildings, using a quality assured standard. In the UK, this has proven to deliver 75% reduction in energy in use compared to traditional methods. 

Originally adopted for new build homes, Passivhaus has since been developed to suit both new build and refurbishment projects across multiple sectors.

Passivhaus is a whole-building approach focussed on a highly insulated, airtight, energy efficient design and a very high standard of quality during construction. A Passivhaus-certified building is extremely comfortable to be in, despite using very little energy for heating and cooling.

Riverside Primary – Passivhaus school, Perth

Robertson is leading the way, constructing one of the first accredited Passsivhaus schools in Scotland.

Riverside Primary School in Perth, one of the first Passivhaus schools in Scotland
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