Modern Methods of Construction

Efficiency and sustainability with increased certainty over cost, time and quality

Off-site construction, also known as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), involves designing, planning, manufacturing and assembling elements of a construction project in a controlled factory environment, prior to installation on site.

By using these techniques, we speed up construction compared to traditional build methods, as well as bringing greater certainty to the process overall, in a variety of ways:

  • prefabricated components allow projects to be made watertight more quickly;
  • risk of delay due to bad weather is reduced;
  • cost and time savings can help to make projects viable;
  • build quality is enhanced thanks to stricter testing and auditing in factory environments;
  • sustainability is improved, due reduced emissions;
  • safety is increased with fewer man hours required on site. 

Innovative off-site timber manufacturing

Championing innovative, off-site manufacturing has been a passion of ours for decades. With our Timber Engineering business a key member of Off-Site Solutions Scotland and on the board of the Edinburgh Homes Demonstrator Project, we are leading the way in sustainable, efficient manufacturing techniques. 

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Off-site steel frame construction

Lightweight steel frame (LST) construction methods, where elements of the frame are fabricated off-site, to speed up the construction programme save cost and simplify logistics.

Even with traditional steel frames, we can design a construction programme so that elements of steelwork are fabricated off-site. This helps to get the building wind and watertight early in the process, so that trades can work on the interior whatever the weather. It is particularly beneficial in remote or rural locations.

Building the UKs then-tallest LST structure

Proposing a lightweight steel frame instead of concrete saved time and by reducing the load on foundations, made construction simpler and more efficient. 

New Bridge Street
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Modular building pods

Modular construction techniques can be applied to many building elements but are commonly used for bedrooms and bathrooms. These can be prefabricated and assembled in controlled conditions to an efficient modular design, shipped to site and installed within a reduced time period.

They can be made complete with all internal finishes and mechanical and electrical services pre-installed, guaranteeing quality control and eliminating uncertainty over the impact of weather or other factors on the construction programme.

Modular construction for hotels

How modular construction in Chester reduced build time, but maintained the high-quality finish expected of an international hotel operator.

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Constructing modular bathroom pods off-site

How we reduced carbon footprint and kept materials waste to a minimum while improving logistics and efficiency on site. 

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