RAF Lossiemouth – Single Living Accommodation


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The Ministry of Defence
April 2024
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Off-site manufacturing to deliver high quality accommodation expansion for Royal Air Force personnel

Robertson constructed Single Living Accommodation with comfortable and impeccably designed ensuite bedrooms as part of a major expansion at RAF Lossiemouth.

The new living quarters exceed previous standards, providing more spacious and better-quality accommodation for RAF Lossiemouth personnel.

Split across seven separate accommodation blocks and one 'Hub' building, the project provides social, communal, and ancillary space for Officers, SNCOs (Senior Non-Commissioned Officers), Junior Ranks, offering comfortable and consistent accommodation at Scotland's only Royal Air Force Main Operating Base.

Using our modern methods of construction, we devised a plan with the Ministry of Defence to build modular pods off-site, bringing many benefits including a reduction of time required in the construction phase delivery.


ensuite bedrooms


 internal floor space

348 space

car park extension

Off-site construction, fixtures, and fittings

Our client was looking for consistent and standardised single living accommodation and our modern methods of construction, using off-site manufacturing, provided an excellent solution that met their requirements.

This involved designing, planning, manufacturing, and assembling elements of a construction project in a controlled factory environment, prior to final installation on site.

By using these techniques, we sped up construction compared to traditional build methods, as well as bringing greater certainty to the overall delivery process.

Robertson provided all the standardised fittings and fixtures for the accommodation, following the MOD's strict procurement and sourcing processes. This included everything from curtains, laundry bins, beds, and everything else you would expect to find within a bedroom.

And once everything was sourced, built, and fitted off-site, the modules were delivered to the station and bolted to the piled foundations, and the envelope was then constructed around the modules.

An added benefit for our client was that our team was able to carry out the off-site work without being required to be at RAF Lossiemouth, which gave added security throughout the project, before coming on site for the final installation phase.

Construction at a highly secure site

We have extensive expertise in working in live environments during the construction process, in hospitals, schools and university, and a range of different settings that each require bespoke planning.

We worked with our client to ensure our construction project would have minimal impact on other activities within the station.

A secondary entrance was established which ourselves and our supply chain partners were able to use, and we worked very closely with the police and MOD security personnel to schedule the delivery of our modules, following the strict procedures and protocols in place at the base.

The stringent specifications and security procedures carried out for this project was crucial for our client, and working with our customer and their stakeholders to understand what they need is a standard approach that we take to each of our project – it's the Robertson Way.