Improved gym facilities for the University of Sheffield

Goodwin Sports Centre refurbishment, University of Sheffield


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Higher Education
University of Sheffield
November 2023
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Providing improved gym facilities through mechanical, electrical, and acoustic refurbishment

This refurbishment project involved several components related to the gymnasium’s mechanical systems and internal spaces. These included addressing noise abatement requirements, installing a new ventilation system, and creating a louvered plant enclosure and plant deck. Additionally, internal decoration and flooring was completed.

Our works included the removal of existing plant and upgrading the gymnasium’s mechanical plant and ventilation system to enhance air quality and circulation. We installed a new louvered plant enclosure and plant deck allowing for ventilation while providing some level of aesthetic appeal.  The existing low-voltage (LV) electrical system was modified to accommodate the changes with new electrical and data services. New electrical and data services now support seamless gymnasium operations, while unnecessary services were eliminated. 

New plant access stairs were constructed, providing access to the mechanical plant and plant deck. These stairs connect seamlessly to the existing exit stairs, ensuring safe egress for occupants.

Noise abatements measures were undertaken to reduce noise levels within the gymnasium including soundproofing and modifications to the mechanical systems. Aesthetic enhancements to the interior included redecoration, the replacement of suspended ceilings, and installation of new flooring to transform the gymnasium appearance.

Our comprehensive approach has enhanced the gymnasium’s functionality, safety, and aesthetics while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Project synergy: Coordination with the adjacent Elmfield Refurbishment

The strategic alignment of our project with another Robertson project on the adjacent site presented a unique opportunity for shared access and logistics. Both projects were under simultaneous construction, utilising the same access road, which optimised logistical efficiency. Deliveries and coordination across sites were streamlined, saving valuable time. Additionally, coordination with university fit-out subcontractors ensured timely delivery. 

Our commitment to efficient execution and collaboration resulted in successful project completion.

Delivering outstanding local economic value

On a project valued just over £1 million, our team achieved remarkable social impact, contributed a staggering £539,278 in total social value. Therefore over 50% of our contract value directly benefited the local community in Sheffield. 

Four local individuals were employed on the contract, fostering community engagement and economic growth.  Nine weeks of apprenticeships provided valuable learning experiences and skills development.  The use of Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), bolstered local entrepreneurship.  Our commitment extended beyond business transactions with £750 of in-kind donations to local community projects.

This holistic approach demonstrates our dedication to creating positive change in the communities within which we work.

Robertson have been a breath of fresh air. Been really engaged and really positive.
Gaynor Bradshaw-Willson
Deputy Head of Estates Development, University of Sheffield