An aerial view of Princes Street in Edinburgh during the day.

Edinburgh Trams – Cycling Safety Improvements


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The City of Edinburgh Council
Feb 2023
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Making cycling near the Edinburgh trams tracks safer

Cycling around Scotland’s capital has been made safer following the completion of Robertson Civil Engineering’s improvements programme for the City of Edinburgh Council. 

Cycling is one of the great free things to do in Edinburgh and the improvements carried out on Princes Street and Haymarket Junction will be safer for bicycle users near the Edinburgh trams.

Making cycling safer in Edinburgh City Centre

Cycling safety improvements were made across three parts of the city centre: Princes Street at South St Andrews Street, Princes Street at South Charlotte Street, and Haymarket Junction.

The improvements included altered kerb lines to provide space for cycle lanes, introduction of designated anti-skid surfaces, road markings, and the installation of new traffic signals and illuminated signage.

Both Princes Street sites required the lifting and relaying of ancient, cobbled roads to suit the new routes, protecting the heritage and character of Edinburgh City Centre.

Scheduling work to minimise disruption

Our team worked with City of Edinburgh Council to create a plan which would limit the disruption that this important work would have on visitors and residents.

All work was carried out between 8pm and 4.30am, which meant most of the city population would be unaffected during peak times. Alterations made near the tram line could only take place during the night shift of 11.30pm to 4.30am.

To make sure those walking around the city were not inconvenienced, the pedestrian crossings remained open at all times while alterations were made.

Now that the work has been completed, cyclists can travel near Edinburgh trams more easily, adding to the capital’s green credentials and improving public safety.