Soft Landings is the modern approach to handing over a construction project. It is used to ensure a smooth process for the customer and end users. The Soft Landings approach involves the customer and stakeholders early in the process, to get them involved every step of the way and make settling in as efficient as possible.

What is Soft Landings?

BSRIA first launched Soft Landings in 2009 and Government Soft Landings was launched by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit in 2012. Soft Landings became a mandatory requirement for all Central Government construction and refurbishment projects from 2016 onwards, and is also used in local government and many other public sector projects. 

It is led by customers, who commit to adopting a Soft Landings approach on their new project early in the process. It is delivered by designers and contractors. The aim is to ensure that buildings are designed to meet end-user needs and their operational performance goals after they have been built – to make people's new surroundings as comfortable and functional as planned.

Robertson Group delivers Soft Landings

Robertson Group has over two decades of experience in combining the construction of a building with ongoing operational management, and ensuring a smooth handover process between the two phases. With our construction and facilities management businesses working in tandem, we had already been following a process that is very similar to Soft Landings long before it was launched. Since 1998, Robertson Facilities Management teams have received handover of over 100 new schools and health facilities from Robertson Construction. Our expertise ensures every customer experience is smooth, efficient and successful.

After 12 to 18 months, we can review the operational performance of a building after handover and the end-users have moved in. For projects delivered through the Major Works Scotland framework, we call it Atentu – our Post Occupancy Evaluation service.

Assured Construction Delivery

Our experience and extensive knowledge of the built environment gives us the ability to solve even the most complex challenges and deliver certainty on each project. Read more on how we do it, our services and case studies.