Our Small Works teams are agile and streamlined to offer best value to our clients. They are led by a dedicated Small Works manager, calling on the support of our commercial, operational and project management expertise as required, benefiting from Robertson’s 50+ years of experience.

Our commercial experts keep a close eye on costs to ensure that we always provide best value and that the client’s budget is protected. Our operations specialists work with our site-based management and operatives to make sure that the project is delivered safely, within programme, and satisfies our client’s specifications and expectations.

The projects we deliver will provide the ideal opportunity to employ the services of our own operatives and tradespeople, as well as our developing and enthusiastic apprentices. The Small Works Department also has the added benefit of providing excellent career opportunities for ambitious and emerging site management and commercial staff.

Where do we work?

We cover Scotland, the North of England and The Midlands, from at our regional offices in Elgin, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gateshead, Haydock and Sheffield.

What type of projects do we undertake?

Our Small Works teams undertake a variety of project types from maintenance and refurbishment to extensions and new-build across a wide range of sectors. This capability builds on over five decades of experience delivering projects ranging from multi-million pound regional hospitals to intricate heritage building restorations.