Low carbon design

When we engage early in the lifecycle of a project, we integrate with the project team and help to design in sustainability. We do this through M&E advice, energy and decarbonisation guidance, and carefully considered planning, procurement and resourcing.

Our Assured Construction Delivery approach brings this added certainty to the environmental credentials of a design.

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Low carbon construction

We bring a low carbon approach to the delivery process once a project gets on site, whether that’s spending the project budget locally to reduce delivery miles and emissions, reducing waste to as close to 0% as we can, or coming up with innovative ways to recycle materials and foster a circular economy.


BREEAM rated construction projects

We’ve delivered numerous projects that have achieved BREEAM ratings of Very Good and Excellent, with our expertise dating back to 2006 and the first ‘Excellent’ rating in the UK.


Low carbon retrofit projects

Our facilities management teams use their energy management experience to reduce energy consumption and save money for our customers, while our small works teams refurbish and retrofit energy systems to reduce energy consumption.

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Discover more about how we are reducing carbon intensity in our projects, for our customers as well as within our own business.