It has become crucial to ensure that public sector facilities are open to the community so that they can be well used outside of core hours.

Managed community hire service for school buildings

Robertson Facilities Management offers a fully managed community hire service available for schools, community venues, local authorities and education partnerships. We provide the team who make sure that local facilities are available to hire outwith school hours, and that they remain at the heart of the community.

We work with our clients to open these facilities out-of-hours, leading to wider use of the facilities by local groups and individuals, and promoting improved integration between the venue and the day-to-day life of the community. It’s our job to maintain strong relationships. We create a valuable link between the venue and the community through improved work and leisure opportunities for staff, students and residents.

Tailored community hire service to suit each customer

Our service is not ‘one size fits all’: the team listens and works in partnership with the school, community, local authority and other key partners to create a bespoke solution based on shared values and goals. Community Hire has pushed the boundaries of facilities management service delivery by making us more forward-thinking, adaptable, and more customer-focused than ever.

We can manage the entire process from booking, management and set-up, to making sure the facilities are safe and readily available for all users. 

Community hire services include:

Award-winning community hire service

Robertson Facilities Management's community hire service has been recognised for excellence at the following awards:

Read more about how our socially responsible community hire service has led to these awards. 

Case studies

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