To foster long-term partnerships in the education sector, we have innovated and adapted, as school buildings continue to be improved and upgraded. In a changing industry, it has become crucial to ensure that facilities remain open to the community so that they can be well used outside of school hours.

We wanted to do more – to be a fundamental component in schools and their local communities. So in 2010 we developed the idea of an entire team whose aim was to ensure schools can be at the heart of the community and by 2011, the Robertson community hire initiative had become a reality.

The team ensures that school facilities are accessible to the entire community, helping to promote positive attitudes towards education, social inclusion, sustainable communities, and personal well-being.  This has pushed the boundaries of FM service delivery by making us more forward-thinking, adaptable, and customer-focused than ever, bringing benefits for all involved.

Our service is not ‘one size fits all’: our Robertson community hire teams listen and work in partnership with the school, community, local authority, and other key partners to create a bespoke solution based on shared values and goals.

We provide a total management service including administration, development, promotion and operational use. This comprehensive approach means we can create a valuable link between the school and the community through improved work and leisure opportunities for staff, students and local residents. Meanwhile, we give key partners and local communities the peace of mind that comes with safe and well-managed facilities and activities.