Sector: Commercial Completion date: May 2022

Our FM, estates and asset management, and construction teams are transforming property services in Bolton, ensuring compliance is achieved within a model that delivers best use of their assets. Our work allows us to help the Council and its partners to develop an estates strategy that will support and enhance the 2030 vision for Bolton.

Managing a corporate estate

Robertson is working in partnership with Bolton Council through the Clear Futures Joint Venture management framework to transform the Councils corporate assets and estate over the long term, so that it best serves the needs of the people of Bolton.

The council sought advice to develop a three-phase approach for the complete transformation of their Corporate Property Services function. This approach covered three work streams including Project, Estates, and Facilities Management services.

Initial services were procured through Bloom which allowed Robertson to execute a 100-day development plan, which was the base position to map and agree the nature of the transformation and shape a new strategic long-term delivery model for the Council’s Corporate Property Services.

Robertson worked with the Council to establish best practice processes and ongoing stability by:

Facilities management for 250 buildings

Following the 100-day plan, Robertson Facilities Management entered into a three-year agreement to maintain and improve the 250 buildings in the Councils corporate and school estates. The goals of the partnership are to ensure compliance across the estate, improve its condition, reduce running costs, improve its carbon footprint and deliver improvements in the services and projects delivered by the Council

This is achievable as Robertson helps the Council to understand the performance of their estate and develop proposals of how the estate can be integrated, rationalised and transformed within a ‘One Public Estate (OPE) framework, that gets better use from a smaller, more efficient estate that is future proofed to support the Councils 2030 vision.

Construction and small works

Robertson, Clear Futures and Bolton Council have been working on the development of a partnership to create value through capital spend. In 12 months between 2019 and 2020:

A long-term sustainable partnership

Bolton Council’s partnership with Clear Futures focuses on developing long-term solutions to sustainability challenges, including sustainable housing, the circular economy and a range of sustainable strategies focussed upon community support and improving social resilience.

Bolton Council, as an early adopter of the Clear Futures partnership, benefits from strategic advice, investment and funding packages, reduced time and cost to develop projects, improved regionally focused supply chain competition and better outcomes for the local community.

Members of Robertson, the Council and Clear Futures collaborate to ensure the success of this partnership at a strategic and delivery level in delivering long term benefits to Bolton.

Find out more about Clear Futures.

As a council, we are responsible for a diverse property portfolio ranging from primary schools to listed buildings.
We want contracts to go to local firms to support our local economy, so I’d urge Bolton SMEs to look at the many exciting opportunities for us to work together through the Clear Futures framework
Developing skills and expertise in our local businesses, and boosting the areas’ supply chain, are essential parts of our Bolton 2030 vision.

– Cllr David Greenhalgh, Bolton Council Leader

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