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9 November 2016

Wilmott Dixon looks to off-site timber engineering

Wilmott Dixon looks to off-site timber engineering

Willmott Dixon plans to build 50% of its annual output of 2000 homes using off-site techniques. Robertson Timber Engineering is now the company's sole supplier of timber frame products, while Fusion Building Systems is providing light-gauge steel frames.

By using Robertson Timber Engineering's innovative off-site production expertise on half of the 2,000 homes it builds each year, Willmott Dixon is looking to reduce its reliance on on-site trades.

The agreements run for three years.

This is an important step in our strategy to provide a high quality product that utilises all the benefits of factory-made systems while also reducing our exposure to the labour price escalation we've seen in recent years. We aim to be building 1,000 homes a year by 2017 using systems provided by Robertson and Fusion, with the consistent quality also aiding our zero defects strategy.
Willmott Dixon's Residential Construction Chief Operating Officer
Charlie Scherer

He added: "These two deals are the cornerstone of our 'Capacity Building' strategy. This is our people, engineering and technology programme that is central to counterweight the resource challenges in industry, and deliver cost-effective, sustainable build solutions for our clients.