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12 July 2017

Robertson sponsors 20for20 anchor

Robertson has sponsored a granite sculpted anchor, designed by renowned Scottish artist Lesley McKenzie, which was given centre stage in Elgin's Cooper Park this month.

The work is part of an anniversary celebration throughout the north-east and Highlands, Orkney and Shetland for the charity Friends of ANCHOR.

It is one of 20 individually designed anchors that marks the 20th anniversary of the Aberdeen-based charity. Each will be on public display from July 1 until the end of October 2017 to form the 20for20 anchor voyage.

The voyage is the charity's anniversary project which will contribute to their 'Dream Big' appeal and provides a platform for the public as well as artists, sponsors and partners to raise awareness of the charity and get involved in a creative and exciting way. The campaign is aiming to raise £1million to donate to Aberdeen University's drive to attract a world-class oncology research team to the north-east.

Frank Reid, managing director of Robertson Northern, attended the unveiling of the Elgin sculpture, which has been installed at Cooper Park.

Bill Robertson, executive chairman and founder of the Robertson Group said: "Friends of ANCHOR is a charity that has helped many families across the North East of Scotland. Everyone has been affected by cancer at one point in their lives – whether it is first hand or someone close to them. Cancer has no prejudice.

"This sculpture represents the great strength people show when faced with adversity. And we at Robertson Group are proud to be able to sponsor something of such significance for people in Elgin to enjoy."

The granite bedrock has been chosen to symbolise the core strength of someone fighting the illnesses that the charity supports.

Campaign officer is Kirsten Horne, who added: "The effort and craftsmanship that has gone into each and every one of the anchors is truly inspiring, especially given the motivation and inspirational reasons behind the anchor designs.

"They are a poignant portrayal of the effects that cancer has on so many of us. I would encourage the public to take the anchor voyage and see as many of the sculptures as possible. If you are unable to see them in person, we will bring the voyage to you. Campaign partners, Goshawk and Pinnacle, will use the latest technology in aerial unmanned aircraft and visual sensors to reconstruct the voyage on our website, to take you to the actual locations and savour every design detail as if you were there in person."

The anchors will be popular with people this summer, many of whom will aim to visit all 20, and support the campaign with the #20for20anchor hashtag on social media.