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27 October 2023

Robertson Facilities Management install ‘life-saving’ machines at fire stations

Robertson Facilities Management (RFM) installed defibrillators at Kilmarnock Fire Station and Cumnock Community Fire Station as part of its programme of community benefits.

Around 70 people each week in Scotland have a cardiac arrest, but currently, only one in ten survive. The use of a defibrillator, particularly within the early stages of a cardiac arrest, dramatically increases the chances of survival.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), in collaboration with East Ayrshire Council and RFM, assisted with the procurement and installation of the devices as part of their drive to improve survival rates from cardiac arrest within local areas.

The devices have been installed within special cabinets outside of the fire stations, meaning they can now be accessed 24/7 by any member of the public in an emergency.

SFRS has since hosted training on the use of this vital life-saving equipment, teaching the public what to do in an emergency as well as a demonstration of the defibrillator in use.

RFM became delivery partner of choice for SFRS, the world's fourth largest fire and rescue service, in 2022 in a five-year £70m contract. RFM undertake all planned preventative and reactive maintenance tasks across its logistically diverse estate, and is responsible for the delivery of small and minor capital projects.

This initiative supports RFM in its commitment to adding social value to the areas where the business operates. Throughout the SFRS contract, RFM is continuing to deliver a range of community benefits that is and will benefit local communities environmentally, socially and economically.

Kevin Rennie, station commander, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, said: "When someone is in cardiac arrest their heart has stopped working normally, without intervention, they could die within minutes. As a service, our primary aim is to save life, within a variety of emergency situations. I am delighted that through collaborative working between SFRS, East Ayrshire Council and Robertson FM we have achieved a further vital life-saving resource being provided within our community.

"Whilst performing CPR can be a daunting prospect, we know that if someone nearby can start CPR while the ambulance is on its way, their chances of surviving dramatically improve. These new defibrillators work fantastically, are automated and actually talk you through operational instructions to save a life."

Adrian Mole, managing director, Robertson Facilities Management, said: "Working in partnership with SFRS and East Ayrshire Council, we facilitated this life-saving initiative that will significantly support the safety and wellbeing of the local communities where we work. We hope that these defibrillators will never have to be used, but if the need arises, they are there, ready to save lives and make a real difference when it matters most.

"It was our pleasure to accommodate this installation and to continue providing SFRS with an excellently maintained estate, allowing their focus to be on delivering essential front-line services."