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13 January 2021

Robertson awarded Platinum status by Zero Waste Scotland

Robertson awarded Platinum status by Zero Waste Scotland

Robertson has received platinum status through Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficiency Pledge programme as a result of the steps it has taken to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently throughout its operations

Since joining the Scottish Government backed scheme in 2019, Robertson has demonstrated significant progress by delivering against the programme's requirements for bronze, silver and gold Pledge levels before recently receiving platinum accreditation.

Robertson was required to demonstrate the positive actions undertaken to improve its resource efficiency across the businesses, key activities included:

  • Engaging employees with resource efficiency training workshops, delivered by Home Energy Scotland

  • Starting an office sustainability working group

  • Supporting a recycling campaign which focused upon recycling crisp packets on-site, with proceeds supporting Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance

  • Benchmarking environmental performance, for waste, energy water and carbon

  • Issuing monthly Responsible Business Board reports, helping ensure that sustainability and resource efficiency are considered at all levels

  • Establishing a Board level Responsible Business leadership group, ensuring that senior leaders take ownership and provide strategic leadership for responsible business initiatives

  • Sharing experiences around Responsible Business activity with other groups and businesses

Graeme Hannah, head of sustainability, said: "I'm delighted that we've been recognised by Zero Waste Scotland for the progress Robertson has made around Responsible Business in recent years. Teams and individuals across the businesses have embraced and implemented new initiatives which help strengthen our position as a sustainable and responsible business."

Tom Flatman, analyst consultant, Zero Waste Scotland, commented: "The evidence submitted by Robertson to support a platinum pledge is really good and evidences Robertson has been very active in resource efficiency areas in recent months. I would like to send my praises on to the team about how impressive this all is. I hope this continues to develop and helps the business continue to progress."