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23 August 2017

Housing Minister praises new Blackford homes

Housing Minister praises new Blackford homes

The Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart MSP, praised good quality, energy efficient, affordable homes when he visited a new housing estate in Blackford on the 21st August 2017.

The 38 social housing properties were developed by Hillcrest Housing Association and Robertson Partnership Homes, who are both celebrating 50 years in operation this year, in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council.

Kevin Stewart said "We recognise the challenges in developing affordable housing that suits the needs of the local community, so I'm delighted to see that this successful partnership has delivered high quality homes for the Perth and Kinross area.

"Good quality, energy efficient, affordable homes like these have a hugely positive impact on tenants' quality of life, making a difference to people, their families and the wider community.

"I would also like to congratulate Hillcrest Housing Association and Robertson Partnership Homes on their 50th year in operation."

Whilst visiting the development, the Minister met with representatives from the companies who delivered the homes and some of the new tenants.

Mrs Hanslip, a tenant in the development, said "I'm delighted with my new home within this new neighbourhood."

"We were looking to move to a more suitable property which was all one level so we are over the moon when we were offered this property. We have lived in the area for a number of years so it is great to still be close to friends and family."

 Housing Minister visit to Blackford

Hillcrest's Chief Executive, Angela Linton said "These properties mark another significant contribution to our on-going commitment to delivering top-quality affordable housing across Perth and Kinross.

"The high standard of the build we have delivered at Blackford is a credit to our partners at Robertson Partnership Homes' and Perth and Kinross Council's dedication to bringing people the housing they deserve."

"Our winning partnership with Robertson stretches beyond delivering top class homes and Hillcrest would also like to thank the developer for being the leading sponsor of our upcoming 50th anniversary celebration and charity event."

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