Land development and promotion

Promoting your land, reducing risk and increasing certainty

Whether you have a greenfield or brownfield site, single or multiple sites, or a portfolio of land and buildings, we are perfectly placed through our skills and expertise to navigate you through the land development process to enhance and release value.

Why work with us?

With over 30 years’ experience in land promotion across the commercial and residential markets, our extensive knowledge, skills and relationships mean we can secure a business opportunity that not only reflects your best interests but maximizes your return whilst managing any risk for you.

We will determine the most marketable solution for your land and assets, prepare and secure planning and cover any associated costs and services.

We invest in the land promotion process on your behalf. There are no upfront costs for you when working with our team, we receive payment only when planning permission is secured and you are in receipt of payment for your land or building asset.

What is the process?

Each land promotion is unique and as such we will guide you through a bespoke step-by-step process, which involves: 

Business case: we define the business opportunity and create a promotion agreement, this details the target market, timescales and marketing plan.

Land preparation: we take responsibility for preparing your land and, where necessary, find solutions for ecological, drainage or infrastructure challenges.

Planning: we work with the local authority and other statutory bodies to achieve the most marketable consent for you.

Marketing and promotion: we assess the market, identify buyers or developers, and promote your assets to generate a sale.

Sale: we provide support and guidance throughout the sale process, but along with your legal representatives, you retain control.

The whole team were very professional and got the right result. The site had been sat on our books for many years and the RSAM team provided the drive to bring it forward for development and we now have a sale contracted to a national plc housebuilder.
Barry Dardis
Director, Triman Developments UK

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