Decarbonisation retrofit

Increasing efficiency and lowering emissions to bring your estate closer to net zero

When we help you to decarbonise, our facilities management expertise and our experience of maintaining public and private sector estates comes to the fore. Reducing operational costs, increasing energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions has become a top priority. Robertson can support you right through the process, from scoping projects, through design, installation and commissioning, to final handover.

We make decarbonisation projects happen, bringing you our experience and insight as well as the expertise of our supply chain partners.


CO2 emissions


energy efficiency


operational costs


Using our decarbonisation tool, we assess consumption and building performance, identifying how to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and generate carbon savings. We use data from your building to accurately forecast energy consumption and pay-back periods to help determine the best solutions.


Delivering these refurbishments within tight budgets is key, and that’s where our experience of winning decarbonisation funding, such as the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, can be the difference. We have experience of making that work across for a number of our customers.

Design and implementation

We can design, specify, install and maintain any solution, as well as provide direct investment to cover the capital cost. In combination with our exclusive green energy tariff, we ensure you will save money and meet your carbon reduction targets. We deliver energy efficient systems and building fabric improvements using the strength of our local knowledge backed by a nationwide team and supply chain. 

Our flexible offer:

  • intelligent, innovative control systems; 
  • heating system upgrades; 
  • building fabric improvement; 
  • and implementing behavioural change.

Monitoring and targeting

Our energy management portal helps customers monitor building performance, making it clear that our energy improvement measures are effective.

It provides 24/7 access to building performance data; and can be used to validate energy bills. Reducing environmental impact and running costs can allow you to make savings and reinvest them into further decarbonisation measures. 

Decarbonisation for a Bolton high school

Robertson FM secured decarbonisation funding and helped Ladybridge High School meet net zero goals, saving 268 tonnes CO2 and £38,000 per year.

Decarbonisation retrofit projects

How we reduce CO2 and increase energy efficiency for our customers.

Facilities management worker assessing energy efficiency
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