Closed panel timber frame

Engineered timber frames with pre-manufactured value

Closed panel timber frames are manufactured off site in our advanced timber engineering factory in Elgin, where we have over 30 years of experience.

What are closed panel timber frames?

Closed panel timber frames are made off-site in factory-controlled conditions, with additional components pre-fitted, reducing time on site, increasing quality and improving safety.

Insulation is fitted at a consistent quality and thickness and a breather membrane and vapour control layer can also be added. Openings for doors and windows can be made to customer specifications, with windows and doors themselves also available pre-fitted.

Fitting these elements in a quality-controlled factory environment is known as pre-manufactured value (PMV).

The products are then delivered to site and erected by our experienced, qualified operatives. 

Benefits of closed panel timber frames

Closed panels that are prefabricated off site improve sustainability, save time and reduce risk. 

Improve sustainability

Timber is a renewable resource and effectively a carbon neutral material, even allowing for transport. No other commercial building material produces such low amounts of carbon dioxide.

  • Embodied carbon of a project is reduced –  the energy consumed and CO2 emitted in the manufacture of the products and materials used, as well as their transport to site is lower. Meanwhile, carbon is captured and stored, or sequestered, in the timber itself.
  • Waste is reduced – prefabrication can reduce the amount of waste generated on site by 40 per cent.  Consequently, the CO2 emissions for waste disposal are also cut down.
  • Building performance improved – timber frame can be made significantly more airtight than traditional solid or cavity masonry. 

Save time – maximise efficiency

As closed panel timber frames are supplied with elements pre-installed, each house can be made weathertight more quickly. Other trades can move in more quickly, reducing overall build time, and they can progress to the next plot within a development too. 

With lower site overheads and reduced scaffolding costs, significant time and cost savings are made.

And there are logistical benefits for sites where space is tight or access is challenging. Closed panels are delivered just when they are needed, greatly reducing the pressure on material lay down areas and storage.

Reduce risk - improve safety

Off-site timber frames require less labour to install, reducing risk on site. They are then installed by our qualified, experienced operatives.

Technical and design support

We provide design support and technical expertise so that timber frames are optimised to suit your requirements, for example, to achieve a specific insulation U-value. Engage early with us to harness our expertise in 3D modelling, fabrication drawings, and digital quality control.

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