Bruichladdich Bonded Warehouses


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Bruichladdich Distillery
August 2018
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Construction of new warehouse for Bruichladdich

Robertson has built bonded warehouses for the famous Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay.

Quality over quantity

Bruichladdich wanted to add additional storage capacity within easy reach of their distillery on the west coast of Islay.

Before construction began on these buildings, Production Director Allan Logan took the decision to cut annual production due to a lack of local storage space – because sending casks to mature off the island would be a departure from Bruichladdich's principles. Bruichladdich, focusses on making single malt by hand, with the same techniques they have always used, which includes maturing the whisky in a coastal environment.

Construction in a challenging location and conditions

The project was situated on Islay on a site frequently affected by Scottish west coast weather.

Robertson is experienced in handling remote sites where access and conditions are a challenge, having completed numerous projects on the western isles, in northern Scotland, and on Orkney.

Our civil engineering work and the construction of the steel frame, three-celled building progressed on schedule despite the location and conditions.

Warehouses that ensure 100% Islay maturation

The completion of this new warehouse was part of a long-term expansion to increase the distillery's storage capacity to around 100,000 casks and allow it to return full production.

Ensuring that all casks are matured in a coastal location is important for Bruichladdich Distillery, particularly for the accessibility of the casks.

"When building multi-vintage cuvees such as The Classic Laddie, the unique ability to taste that cask within ten minutes is invaluable. It is especially important due to the manual nature of creating our recipes and to our complex recasking techniques."
Head Distiller Adam Hannett