Ideally we work across a portfolio of projects to understand your strategic needs, spreading the risk and maximising value. You have no upfront costs – our fee is linked to the successful delivery of your asset – and while we develop a business case, you retain control.

We don’t need exclusivity – we’ll market test proposals and ensure you get value for money. We have the capacity to invest and develop but don’t have to if others are better placed. So while we bring along the expertise of our UK-wide construction businesses to inform our proposals, the Robertson team remains your ultimate delivery partner.

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Our focus is on helping you deliver the best possible economic and social outcomes, a commitment reflected by our place on national procurement frameworks. It’s a route which saves you time and money, and means we can start supporting you now.

We can guide you through a range of routes to market. Throughout the UK, we can also offer several procurement solutions which can be selected to best suit your needs.