Both private landowners and public bodies need help to unlock the value in their land and property assets to thrive in a changing landscape. For public sector bodies, the balance of funding cuts with increasing demands for services is a fine one, and the opportunity to sell off surplus land and building assets to reduce liabilities and realise quick capital receipts can be tempting. But too often this results in lost capital value or limited control over your ability to influence the look, feel and amenity of your communities. 

We support you with the capacity and expertise to evaluate the best use of land in line with your strategic objectives, developing masterplans that will be supported by planners and proposals that are commercially deliverable. We can also fund any ‘de-risk’ activities that protect and enhance the value of your surplus assets, and encourage timely and efficient development. With business cases evaluated in line with your corporate governance process and Treasury Green Book, you stay in control of what goes ahead and what doesn’t.

By working together in partnership, creating innovative solutions and sharing risk, you open the opportunity to bring forward development previously considered unviable.