What are integrated FM services?

Integrated FM

An integrated facilities management role brings savings and efficiency

When we integrate with your organisation, you can expect efficiency, savings and compliance in the management of your assets, estates, corporate property services and supply chain.

But before we start, it’s crucial to build a partnership together. The culture, and goals of every organisation are different. We understand that and always work collaboratively with you to meet your objectives.

Outsourced supply chain services add value

 We can drive improvements and service efficiencies by taking responsibility for the management of your existing supply chain. We will ensure you benefit from a competent, competitive and agile local subcontractor base through KPI monitoring and supply chain development programmes.

Adding value means monitoring supply chain KPIs, managing social value targets, helping to develop SMEs and regularly market testing are all ways in which we add value to your local supply chain.

Estates and asset management inform strategy

By integrating with you, we build up a picture of the different facilities across your corporate estate. It’s a thorough approach. Surveying, verifying and tracking each location, we’ll develop a corporate landlord function for you, informed by accurate, real-time data on each of your properties. 

✔ corporate landlord approach

✔ oversight of costs and income

✔ informs strategic plans

✔ in-built trend analysis

✔ lettings and lease management

✔ informs disposals and acquisition



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Supply chain


Our integrated facilities management experience

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Integrated FM
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