Computer aided facilities management (CAFM)


What is a CAFM system?


CAFM software provides a flexible, proactive approach to managing your assets and planning maintenance activities against them.


Essential maintenance keeps you compliant with safety regulations, and CAFM software makes sure none of that slips through the net. It helps you maintain the statutory compliance of your estate by flagging up key asset maintenance visits. It also reduces asset risk and keeps equipment warranties up to date.


It can even help you understand the whole-life cost of your assets. Money is saved over the long term by keeping you ahead of the game with routine repairs and replacements.


Using our bespoke CAFM solution you can also harness our expertise and experience, getting an optimised, web-enabled system at very low cost.


How quickly can CAFM services be mobilised?


With our capability and experience of auditing extensive facilities and buildings quickly, we can create a complete picture of your assets and start delivering the services you need efficiently and effectively.


Read more about how we delivered a 100-day transition plan to transform Bolton Council’s estates, facilities and project management functions. 

Our CAFM experience

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Facilities Management Case Studies

Using CAFM in new build BIM projects


With a new project, you’ll need to capture details about the building, especially for BIM Level 2 projects. These will flow into your systems and processes when you come to manage the facility. Helping you capture Employer Information Requirements (EIRs) can ease the burden of the complex BIM process. We can then create a robust Asset Information Requirements (AIR) document, listing what you need.


You might be asking questions like:

  • What if I only want information relevant to maintainable assets and not elements like steel frame arrangements?
  • What do I do with the construction handover information I receive?
  • How can I use this information to programme a maintenance regime?
  • My FM/estates team have their own system to manage assets and maintenance – how will I tie in to that?


We simplify the process for you and wield the experience of digital experts. With a bespoke approach to each project, you get a detailed Asset Information Model (AIM), in the format you need to maintain your building, whether you are using your own CAFM software or our own platform.


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