Angus Council Depute Provost Alex King unveiled a commemorative plaque to formally mark the advent of the modern learning facility, surrounded by guests including Councillor Sheena Welsh, Convener for Children and Learning, Timmergreens head teacher Jacqueline Smith,  along with children and staff, Rev. Alasdair Graham and representatives from Robertson Tayside and procurement partners hub East Central Scotland.

Councillor Welsh said: “The children and staff have been settling into their new surroundings since the start of the new school year and we’re delighted to join them today to formally induct the new Timmergreens into our school estate. It is a very worthy addition and I’m pleased to say that everyone is enjoying the benefits of a brand new school. “The project team has delivered an excellent modern, bright and multi-functional environment for learning. They have also given renewed focus for this school as a centre-point for the local community. I am sure that our children will thrive here and be proud to call Timmergreens their school.”

The official opening of Timmergreens and Warddykes comes at the conclusion of the £12.6 million first phase of the Arbroath Schools Project.

Depute Provost King said: “The Arbroath School Project represents a major investment into the local schools estate and, of course, the local community. I am delighted with the finished development, the opportunities it will offer our children and the knowledge and enjoyment they will gain here.”

Gary Bushnell, Chief Executive, hub East Central Scotland, said: “Our team worked closely with Angus Council, managing the project from initial design through to successful completion. It is our second successful school project in Angus, delivering best value and a high quality learning environment for the community.”

Kevin Dickson, regional managing director, Robertson Tayside, said: “The official opening of Timmergreens Primary School marks the latest step in Robertson Tayside’s work to help transform education facilities for young people in Angus. Timmergreens pupils and staff have been involved at all stages of the building process and they are now benefitting from a light, modern and spacious learning environment which will give them every opportunity to thrive in their education.”


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