We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help improve the communities we work in and it is a source of great pride to see the fruits of that throughout the country.

– founder and Executive Chairman, Bill Robertson CBE

Mr Robertson continued: “Being a responsible business, working with people and helping transform communities is at the heart of everything we do as a company – it’s a value we have held from day one and remain as passionate about that today as we did then.

“By joining BITC, we not only reaffirm our determination to continue these efforts, but we hope to set an example for others to follow by showing that responsible business practices and community investment isn’t a burden but in fact an important part of any successful business.”

BITC is a not-for-profit organisation led by businesses and dedicated to responsible business. One of the Prince of Wales’ charities, its aim is to work together with businesses to tackle some of the key issues facing society, working across a range of areas including environment, employment, education and enterprise.

This mission aligns with our own goal of working together to transform communities.

From working to develop our staff and young people, to supporting local economies and the supply chain, and of course protecting the environment, we recognise the value our work provides to our communities and remain committed to delivering the best impact possible.


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