CLEAR Sutainable Futures – which will deliver innovative projects and services across the UK – is a collaboration between Eastbourne Borough Council, Lewes District Council and infrastructure companies AECOM and Robertson Group.

Derived from the successful Scottish hub programme, CLEAR Sutainable Futures will focus on developing long-term solutions to energy and sustainability challenges, including sustainable housing, the circular economy and a range of sustainable community infrastructure.

Initially focussing on the Eastbourne and Lewes areas, the framework will be open to all public-sector bodies including local authorities, NHS organisations, schools and emergency services, and will allow them to bring a programme of projects and services to market in a faster and more cost-effective way.

“The UK has a number of major sustainability challenges and positive action is needed now if we want to minimise their impact and move towards a more sustainable future.

Ian Wolstenholme, CLEAR Sutainable Futures

Ian Wolstenholme said: “CLEAR Sutainable Futures will work with the public sector to identify projects, help with investment and funding, and ultimately reduce the time and cost involved in bringing projects to market. Bringing together the expertise of local authorities and industry, we are well equipped to help the public sector, from a blank piece of paper through delivery and into the lifecycle of the project – all through a single relationship.”

The framework is flexible in terms of delivery routes, funding solutions, technologies and supply chain. This will allow future clients to retain their ability to choose the right organisation for their projects and services.

There will also be significant benefits for communities throughout the UK, with employment and training opportunities for local people and businesses, including professional services and trades.

CLEAR Sutainable Futures will work with a wide variety of national and local supply chain partners to bring about positive change, create significant reinvestment in local communities and make a positive contribution towards achieving the ultimate vision of a sustainable society.

Derek Shewan, Chief Executive Officer, Robertson Group, said: “This model is working to great effect in Scotland with the Hub programme delivering a pipeline of activity currently valued at more than £2bn. It saves a huge amount of time in terms of project mobilisation and the saving for the public sector is significant, while the projects themselves deliver genuine benefits to people in the surrounding communities.

“CLEAR Sutainable Futures can do the same on a UK-level, and by working together we can take on otherwise daunting challenges and deliver solutions that lead to a more prosperous economy and self-sustaining communities.”

Becoming a participant in CLEAR Sutainable Futures involves a simple process, with a gateway review carried out before an access agreement is signed.

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