World FM Day is a Global FM initiative to celebrate the importance of the Facilities Management profession. It aims to raise the profile of FM around the globe, promoting facilities management’s ideals, not only within the profession and industry, but also among governments and the general business community.

The goal of the job shadowing session was for Kriss and Ian to understand how their respective roles enable positive experiences in different ways in public sector and commercial contracts.

Public sector facilities management

The day began at our public sector contract, St George’s Park, a 211-bed ‘hub and spoke’ mental health hospital in Morpeth that provides 18,350m² of clinical accommodation. Ian discussed his role, which was an opportunity for Kriss, who specialises in Soft FM, to understand the requirements of a Hard FM contract. Ian covered a typical day – always busy, with up to 300 reactive jobs on site per month! He covered the key challenges and also the job satisfaction that comes as a result of meeting them. There was also a site tour and an opportunity to meet the dedicated site-based team.

I’m proud of the work we carry out on site and the relationships the team and I have with the client and all staff at St. Georges Park so it’s nice to show people, who would not normally see inside mental health hospital, what we actually do.

– Ian Mckenzie, Contract Manager (Public sector)

Commercial facilities management

Then, Kriss took Ian to one of the sites he manages, Stephenson Quarter, 360-space car park in the centre of Newcastle.  This allowed Kriss to share how his security and cleaning teams maintain it to the highest standard. As a well-lit, clean and welcoming facility, it is one of the safest car parks in the city.

They met with a security guard to understand the systems and processes in place and also covered how lone working is managed. On site, team members use RiskWatch, which is a discreet smartwatch, used by people working in challenging situations or operating in remote locations. 

Both Ian and Kriss were extremely positive about the shadowing session. It was an opportunity to compare and contrast their roles, share their challenges and good experiences, and celebrate their successes.

Ian McKenzie added: "Following the shadowing session, I learned that we are all trying to instil in our staff the ‘Robertson approach.’ Hearing about the hours Kriss spends making sure he has a visible presence to all staff across all the contracts really reinforces this. It was nice to see that even though our contracts differ significantly, the core of what we do remains the same - to deliver an excellent service while maintaining a happy workforce!"

It was beneficial to get a better understanding of a public sector contract. Ian and his team are doing a great job. This is evident through the relationship you have with your clients, the NHS Trust staff and your team members.  

– Kriss Odeniyi, Contracts Manager (Commercial)


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