Maybe you need to implement BIM Level 2 (Building Information Modelling), which is a mandatory requirement on all public sector projects, but want to avoid getting involved in the complex BIM process?

Either way, with Robertson’s MiBuild Manage solution, we can support you in this process, to ensure you are compliant with BIM Level 2, while improving your maintenance strategy.

How does MiBuild Manage work?

We’ll sit down with you to help you capture what’s known as Employer Information Requirements (EIRs). These are the details you want to capture about your building, and will flow into your systems and processes when you come to manage the facility. We will then create a robust Asset Information Requirements (AIR) document listing what you need.

You might be asking questions like:

With Robertson’s MiBuild Manage, we simplify the process for you and harness the experience of our facilities management and BIM experts. We offer a bespoke approach to each project, so that when you receive the construction information, you will get a detailed Asset Information Model (AIM), in the format you need to maintain your building. 

MiBuild Manage provides a turnkey solution for building asset management – either using your own Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software or using Robertson’s own software platform.

What is an Asset Information Model (AIM)?

We’ll compile the information about the building and save it in an Asset Information Model (AIM) that is custom to your needs. All the details about your new building that you need will be collected, to be used at the operational phase of your project.

You get an accurate list of the products and components that make up the building because we compile it for you using BIM as we go through the design and construction process.

Asset Information Models are a requirement of PAS 1192-3, which is the specification for information management for construction projects using BIM.

We then hand the AIM over to you in a format that can easily be incorporated into a CAFM system.

If you already use CAFM, you can load the Asset Information Model into your own system. If not, we can host it for you in our system, whether or not we are providing you with ongoing facilities management services.  

What is a CAFM system?

CAFM is computer-aided facilities management – a software package that provides a flexible, proactive approach to managing your assets and planning maintenance activities against them.

Certain types of maintenance are essential in order to comply with safety regulations, and CAFM can make sure that none of this slips through the net. CAFM can help you maintain the statutory compliance of your estate by flagging up key asset maintenance visits. It also reduces asset risk, ensuring product warranties are maintained.

Although there’s an initial investment, it can help you to understand the whole-life cost of your project and will save money in the long run by ensuring you are ahead of the game when it comes to routine repairs and replacements.

With Robertson’s MiBuild Manage solution, you can harness the expertise and experience of Robertson Facilities Management to get an optimised, web-enabled CAFM system, that is fully operational from day one, at very low cost.

To find out how Robertson can help you enlist this for your next project, contact:


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Scape Framework Manager
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