What if we said that Robertson would give you and your organisation 50 hours of free strategic advice? You’d probably ask what the ‘catch’ was. Rest assured, there is no catch. Our offer of 50 hours free advice can save you both money and time, while proving unique expert insights that benefit you in both the short and long term. With projects procured through Scape Major Works-Scotland framework, you can receive 50 hours of free strategic advice when working with Robertson. Take a closer look at how it works and a bit more about the background below…


‘Providing more for less’ is a common phrase thrown around during times of austerity. The public sector is looking at different ways to make best use of time and money to deliver the infrastructure required to keep society moving. Being able to tap into a well of knowledge and expertise in the construction sector is a valuable commodity and can help shape thoughts, aspirations and requirements into something tangible – such as a school, fire station, community centre or a new workplace.

BIM advice

Innovations of previous years are now the present, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM should comfortably sit at the heart of digital transformation across construction projects since the UK government's 2011 Construction Strategy mandated Level 2 use on all projects since 2016. As with all things new, many areas of the industry are catching up and aligning themselves with this requirement. The BIM team at Robertson are experts in this field and are engaged on projects of all shapes and sizes up throughout the country. We can advise clients on how to embrace and deliver their BIM responsibilities.

NEC3 contracts

BIM encourages a collaborative way of working, similar to the New Engineering Contract (NEC3). This (NEC3) is not new, it has been common in the construction industry since 2005. The basic terminology and its flexibility is a stimulus for good project management. The benefits are vast but can be undone through a lack of knowledge and experience of its use. The easy option is to revert to more traditional forms of contract, but this doesn't need to be the case. The Commercial Team at Robertson have expert experience of NEC3 and can provide training and coaching to clients on its use.

How it works

We work together with the public sector to create efficiency and social value in the built environment. Together, we can make this a reality by providing 50 hours of free strategic advice through our Scape Major Works Scotland framework. Major Works Scotland is part of the National Construction framework and is designed to deliver construction projects between £2m and £20m.


Energy savings

Optimising design and construction to provide tangible monetary savings is a compelling proposition. The Robertson Facilities Management team has a track record of unlocking significant financial and carbon savings for public-sector clients, having delivered energy management improvements for over 10 years. At Northumbria University, Robertson installed new heating and lighting in its library and student centre as part of an energy performance contract that saves a guaranteed £75,000 per year and 250 tonnes of carbon savings.

FM Design Review

As part of the 50 hours free strategic advice, our Facilities Management business can provide a comprehensive facilities management review. This includes a thorough evaluation of your design and recommendations to optimise this, ensure value for money throughout the asset’s lifecycle and reduce your operational expenditure by providing advice on your building layout. The Robertson estimating team can also be enlisted to provide a lifecycle calculation to show the impact this will have on capital and operational costs.

Land disposal

The Robertson Property team also advises on land disposal and development options for client's looking to get the best solution out of their land bank. We develop innovative solutions to problems, builds sustainable relationships, creates opportunities and manages risk that represents much more than simply bricks and mortar. Our knowledge bank is vast and can be an asset to the public sector when explored in more depth.

Next steps…

To find out how Robertson can help you in this area of work and further inform your decision-making process, contact Scape Framework Manager Steven Traynor, below, for an informal chat on s.traynor@robertson.co.uk or on 01786 277629.

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