The lack of affordable housing is affecting families throughout the country and there are several reasons behind this. Mortgages are increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain, largely due to the cost of buying property, and the average cost outstrips income by up to seven times.

Through necessity, people are renting from private landlords with high rent costs and hidden fees in sub-standard accommodation. This is a common obstacle prohibiting the ability to save adequately in order to get a foot on the property ladder. This vicious circle can, unfortunately, result in homelessness until affordable accommodation becomes available.

In Scotland alone, there are 10,933 households living in temporary accommodation with a third of these including children and pregnant women.

As things stand, it is projected that the UK will have a shortfall of one million homes by 2020. In Scotland, there are 137,100 households on local authority housing waiting lists. These are eye-watering statistics.

Local authorities have increased the rate of housebuilding since the turn of the decade, completing around 1,100 affordable homes each year but, they’re still looking at ways to increase this output.

To support local authorities, housing associations and developers to meet these challenges head on, Robertson has developed SONAS.

The SONAS Toolkit includes a web-based product selector that provides five standard, affordable housing products that offer a quick route to completion at a fixed price. The SONAS application is offered exclusively for affordable housing projects procured through the Scape Major Works Scotland framework.

Our products are tried, tested and being delivered for clients throughout Scotland with success as we speak. This collaborative and transparent approach to house building assures positive outcomes in value for money, investing in the communities we work in and creating jobs for local people.

If your business aims to deliver affordable housing projects, utilise SONAS today with Major Works Scotland as part of the National Construction framework, designed to deliver construction projects between £2m and £20m.

To find out how Robertson can help you enlist this for your next project, contact:

Steven Traynor
Scape Framework Manager 
01786 277629


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