Ingleby Barwick Community Campus (IBCC) is a two-school campus consisting of All Saints Academy with 700 pupils aged 11-16, and 60 staff, and Myton Park, which has 300 pupils from nursery/reception class to age 11, and 20 staff. All Saints Academy incorporates a public library serving the local community.

At All Saints Academy, Robertson Facilities Management deliver total FM services to ensure a stimulating and caring environment, strongly focused on assuring the highest levels of achievement for all students.

The challenges faced have created an opportunity to further understand how FM can enable positive experiences. Recently, the Academy made a request to Robertson to offer our catering service for an increased intake of pupils during a reduced service period from 45 to 30 minutes.

Aligning our service offering with the Academy’s objectives helped us support and embody its values. Our dedicated Contract Manager, Barry Park, worked closely with the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and FM team on-site to organise a catering restructure to meet the Academy’s objective for serving lunch to 400 children in a reduced timeframe.

The Head Chef changed roles to Catering Manager to fully support the new requirements on-site and an additional member of staff was employed as part of the cost neutral exercise. Our Facilities Coordinator and Catering Manager redesigned and relaunched an innovative menu which encourages children to enjoy nutritionally balanced school meals. An additional catering outlet was developed to support the snack service offering and FM invested in additional catering equipment as well as new PPE for the staff to meet demands.

During the transition period, Barry Park and his team worked closely with the Academy and were fully supported by the local HR team who took staff through a consultation period. This collaborative approach resulted in a seamless catering service. Site staff also regularly received fantastic feedback on the excellent work they delivered on-site.

Following the success of the catering restructure, there are now plans to further increase the catering capacity. This is currently in the feasibility and planning stage, while Barry Park is in discussions with the Academy regarding the redesign and refurbishment of a music room area to create an additional catering space and fully-fitted catering outlet.

To get pupils involved in the catering offering, we actively engaged with them as part of our Meaningful Encounters programme operated in conjunction with Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation.

Pupils teamed up with kitchen staff to design and deliver their own unique take on school lunches which they served to fellow students. They were marked for effort on taste, presentation, and service. Alongside this, pupils completed the Premier League Core Enterprise recognised qualification.

The cultures of Robertson and the Academy are intertwined, and our provision of effective FM services has been fundamental to their operational growth. Working together, we help to develop, support and maintain an agreed service that improves the effectiveness of the Academy.


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