Robertson supports employees looking to develop, both to exceed in their role and to progress in the business. Our development offering includes learning resources on our eLearning platform; further and higher qualifications; structured development programmes in Professional Qualifications, and Leadership and Management; and Personal Development Plans, which enable our employees to reach their full potential.

I joined Robertson as a Community Attendant in 2012 and would describe my career as fast paced. I’ve had very quick career progression where everything has fallen into place. I moved from Community Attendant to Caretaker, then Assistant Site Manager to Site Manager at one of our biggest sites in Hull, Kingswood Academy.

With Robertson, there is a push to develop yourself personally and professionally. There is a wide variety of things you can do, and everybody helps each other. I’m not the only one whose career has progressed in this way. There are so many different routes to go down in Facilities Management. You may start as a cleaner, but you can go from that to become a caretaker, to an engineer, or in my case from a leisure attendant to a site manager. It’s a very multidisciplinary career with the fluidity to go between vocations. Robertson has helped put me through various qualifications over the years to help me with my progression.

There is a very positive culture at Robertson. They really do invest in their people and you can see a lot of that. You are definitely cared for and are appreciated by everyone, it’s one big team effort. Every employee is treated the same, no matter what your role is. I was treated the same as a leisure attendant as I am as a site manager.

Day to day, my focus is keeping the customer – Kingswood Academy – happy, including having a good-looking site and keeping my team motivated. We have a good relationship with our customer and get invited to all the teaching staff social events. It feels like one team despite working for two different companies. I get satisfaction from having a happy customer, a happy team and a well-maintained site.

I’m keen to keep progressing within Robertson and the support is definitely there. I’ve learned and had advice from so many different people, and I’ve learned from everybody I’ve worked with. If you’re doing a course and somebody has done it before, they are more than happy to help you out.

Robertson has given me a career. I didn’t know what to do until I started here and found my niche in Facilities Management. I’ve been given the opportunity and support to progress in life. When I started, I looked up to senior people, now I have a really young team who are close in age to me and I’m the one they look up to!

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