Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is something every business wants to be seen to be doing, but to make an impact it must be built into the fabric of the company. This is one of the reasons we’ve extended our service provision to include Robertson Communities: a professionally managed community use service available to schools.

This wasn’t driven by a desire for profit or positive PR, we provide this service because it makes us feel good and it helps us build stronger relationships with our clients. It engages us with the local community, not only through hiring facilities but working with the people themselves.

How is this unique? Quite simply, it isn’t what we do, it’s the way that we do it – that’s what gets results! We have combined our award-winning facilities management experience with expert community use knowledge to provide our clients with a fully managed professional service, using locally recruited teams to promote and run the facilities.

How does the community use service work?

We don’t just open the doors and leave the community to it – we work with them to understand what they would like to get involved in. We specifically target activities that we know will be well attended, the result is a community use service that provides consistent and valuable work and leisure opportunities for local people.

We have an important role to play in delivering sustainable performance. As part of the service, we offer hirers free support to help them get their businesses or clubs off the ground. This includes advice and guidance, discounted rates, assistance in applying for funding and free publicity and marketing. In addition to this, we operate a flexible service that is tailored to be beneficial to the hirer, not to us. We don’t ask hirers to sign lengthy contracts, we only require one week’s notice of cancellation and because we work in partnership with many local authorities, our prices are in line with other local authority facilities in the area. We also have permanent discounted rates available for junior, disability and not-for-profit bookings.

School facilities accessible to the community

The Robertson Communities team ensures that school facilities are accessible to the entire community and in doing so we help promote positive attitudes towards education, social inclusion,  sustainable communities and personal well-being.  By thinking outside the box and embracing a truly-flexible solution, we can manage fluctuations in demand, without compromising on quality.

Award winning!

We were delighted to be recognised as winners of the Partners in CSR category at the PFM Awards 2017 for the work we do with Kingswood Academy. We will continue to identify and manage the key aspects of our community offering to enable the business to flourish now and in the future.


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