Public sector clients invest a lot of time and money in articulating their vision, whether this be a new school campus, a community centre or some early years and childcare provision. Details of the functionality, look, feel and identity of their investment are all considered to ensure the end user experience is as advanced as it can be.

This is where Atentu comes in…

So, what is “Atentu”, how can it help you and, how do you say it?

It’s pronouncedAh·ten·too’, and it means “take care” in Esperanto. It’s the Robertson support package for Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE), exclusive to projects procured through Scape Major Works Scotland framework.

You’ll also remember from our last blog that Major Works Scotland is part of Scape’s National Construction framework and is designed to deliver construction projects between £2m and £20m.

Getting back to Atentu and the Post Occupancy Evaluation, POE is the process of obtaining feedback on a building's performance once it has been in use for a specified period – usually between 12 to 24 months after completion.

The evaluation includes energy monitoring, inspections, fine tuning and building user satisfaction surveys. The results of the POE provide lessons that can be used to improve design and procurement on future projects.


Robertson provides the Post Occupancy Evaluation for all framework construction projects as standard. We take continued interest in our projects beyond completion to ensure additional peace of mind for our clients.

A successful project can be defined by the design goals that are set out early in the process. These decisions inform the project and with the right partner, can assure successful delivery. But, what about after the keys change hands? How can the performance of the asset be guaranteed once it has been handed over? Adopting the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) ‘Soft Landings Initiative’ is becoming ever more popular.

What is BSRIA soft landings?

BSRIA created a step by step process, called Soft Landings, in 2009. It is led by clients and delivered by designers and contractors. The aim is to ensure that buildings are designed to meet end user needs, and that buildings meet their operational performance outcomes of buildings after they have been built. It focusses on the needs of the end user to make their new surroundings as comfortable and functional as planned. Read more about Robertson's approach to soft landings here.

A fundamental part of this process comes after a project has been completed through the Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE).

How can Robertson help you?

So, Atentu from Robertson can give you peace of mind in the knowledge that we follow the industry-standard Soft Landings process, and that we’re here for you, even after you’ve moved in to your building.

To discover how Robertson can add value to your next project and inform your future developments, contact:

Scape Framework Manager
teven Traynor 
01786 277629



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